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Call: 01273 778 834

Mobile: 07704 030 958

The Drive, Hove BN3 6GT

Email: info@knead4calm.co.uk

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Holistic Massage

During your massage, I will use my fingers, knuckles, hands and elbows to apply various massage techniques around the body. I will apply pressure and stroking ....

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Stress Management

Stress is probably one of the most over used words in modern society. How often do you hear people stating how stressed they are, how stressful their job is .....

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The most basic answer is that you will feel much better once you learn to relax well. Learning to relax can only be beneficial. In everyday life, people seem to .....

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Deep Tissue Massage

Feeling sore after a workout? Tension in your back and shoulders? A deep tissue massage could be your answer. Deep Tissue Massage targets the deep .....

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The Drive
Hove BN3 6GT
L: 01273 778 834
M: 07704 030 958

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