Holistic Massage Therapy – FAQ

What is Holistic Massage?

Holistic massage looks at the person as a whole, not just addressing one specific aspect of their health. Massage techniques are used in a variety of ways. Muscles are the obvious part of the body to benefit from massage but other areas also see improvements. Here I will list the many ways in which holistic massage can benefit you


Massage can help the muscles to relax but also to become more flexible. Through several massage strokes and stretching techniques the muscle will be encouraged to return to its normal state and length.
Muscle cramps are reduced due to the removal of waste products built up during exercise or other physical exertion


When muscles are tense they contract and can pull the body out of line. By relaxing the muscles and allowing them to be in there correct position it can allow the body to maintain its correct posture.


Massage encourages blood flow to the extremities and other organs which can have a beneficial effect to the overall circulation in the body.


The improvement of circulation that occurs with a massage can benefit not only internal organs, but can also be reflected on the skin. A massage can leave your skin with a radiant glow as well as leaving you feeling pampered and relaxed. It can also help to remove dead cells from your skin, removing any dullness and bringing fresh skin to the surface. And with the right massage oil and technique, a massage will also leave your skin feeling nourished, hydrated and smooth. Moisturising your skin by way of massage allows your skin to absorb the nutrients in the oil or cream far more easily.

Stress and anxiety levels

Massage gives you the time to switch off and relax, stilling the body and calming the mind. The soothing strokes and caring touch in a massage gives the feeling of being nurtured and has a comforting effect on the mind. There is also the knowledge that you are caring for yourself and can give a boost to your self esteem

Blood pressure

By relaxing the client, massage can reduce the heart rate and improve blood circulation. This in turn has an effect of reducing the blood pressure


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